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1. Avant Garde Fabrics
(Available through Dan Osborne for N. Florida only) 
A fabric line from Canada with all the sensibilities and a touch of European elegance. Canadians have fun with their surroundings which pervades the Avant Garde style.
Ph: 800-361-8886
Fax: 877-351-9440

2. Creative Fabrics
(Creative Fabrics is available through Dan Osborne for Georgia and South Carolina only)
A broad range of decorative fabrics and trim at a fabulous price. Expect great customer service and good stock. Creative Fabrics is a distributor for The Finial Company and Tableaux.
Ph: 800-299-3206
Fax: 254-666-4676

3. Dogwood Fabrics
(Available through Dan Osborne for GA only) 
A beautiful collection of fabrics that includes many exclusive prints from around the world.
Ph: 800-883-5500
Fax: 800-883-4119

4. Fabric Tent
The best price on Sunbrella fabrics. We carry all basic Sunbrella products, Dura Bella outdoor products and polyester treated for outdoor use. Fabric Tent is totally committed to outdoor usable products.
Ph: 800-479-5719
Fax: 305-471-6352

5. Infinity Fabrics
Fabrics the North Carolina furniture manufacturers are featuring, at a price to the design trade that has not been available until now.  Infinity Fabrics features the "French Laundered Collection" that will open doors to the casual/shabby chic world only featured in the magazines.
Ph:  336-883-2660
Fax:   336-883-2661

6. Jacques Bouvet et Cie and TDC: The Design connection
Jacques Bouvet et Cie—European imported fabrics of distinction. Many stripes, textures and linen prints to evoke a sense of European elegance. TDC: The Design Connection—European imported fabrics of distinction.
Ph: 323-730-9911
Fax: 323-730-9922

7. Libas, Ltd.
A distributor of high-quality silks at affordable pricing. Libas is quickly expanding into many other types of textiles, including linens, prints and embroideries.
Ph: 800-635-4227
Fax: 213-747-4812

8. Luxury Fabrics
A good quality and well priced line of fabrics for your upholstery needs. For residential and commercial projects, much of the product line meets high double rub requirements.
Ph: 800-253-3800
Fax: 616-531-3463

9. Magitex Decor
A wide variety of affordable fabrics for upholstery, window & bedding. Be sure to check out the pricing on their outdoor and Matelasse collections..
Ph: 305-470-9282
Fax: 305-470-9288

10. NewPoint Fabrics
NewPoint Fabrics is a wonderful collection of value-priced fabrics.  Nothing in the line is over $90 retail per yard.  If you are looking for a broad range of textiles at a fabulous price, this is a line that will work for you.
Ph: 323-722-1222
Fax: 323-722-1221

11. Rothman Assoc
The most affordable designer fabrics, trims, and hardware available today.
Ph:   800-789-4615
Fax:  305-573-8321

12. Saletex
Prints, wovens and sheers at a good price.
Ph: 800-361-9612
Fax: 888-595-5194

13. Texture / Allure
An exclusive fabric line directly from the mill in Asia. The focus is to create a line of large-scale embroideries and prints on silk, cottons, and linens.
Ph:  516-730-5038
Fax:  516-224-9207

14. Unique Fine Fabrics
With a substantial collection of textiles, trimmings and drapery hardware, Unique Fine Fabrics has been able to create a product line suited to all decorating needs. Family owned and operated, Unique Fine Fabrics offers a warm and friendly atmosphere treating all customers like family.
Ph: 800-653-0783
Fax: 877-388-5252

15. Wesco Fabrics
A very unique collection of fabrics and trimmings. You will find "bread and butter" to beautiful embroidery and beaded products. This is also a large workroom that can produce finished, high quality product for you in a timely manner.  Wesco is a distributor for Levolor Shades and Blinds, The Finial Company, and Paris Texas Hardware.
Ph:   800-950-9372
Fax:  303-388-3908